The merit of Bingham, however, is to reveal to the world of engineering portento this old, freeing its foliage and establishing the first scientific pattern. After finding the holy city, the explorer part to the United States and months after a detailed report submitted to the National Geographic Society, whose committee agrees to support research in the organization of a second voyage. Thus, enrumba to Peru in 1912, accompanied by a team of outstanding professionals, willing this time to take a comprehensive record of scientific and graphic every corner of the citadel. Nacía thus call Peruvian Expedition. Its result, almost 300 photographs of excellent bill, which is the best demonstration of the importance of Machupicchu for American archeology. We publish views for 1913 and 1916, key dates for the knowledge of the area.
Machu Picchu Camino de Inicio
Thanks to this road built by the government before 1911, Machu Picchu was revealed to outsiders
Machu Picchu descubridores sin tienda de campaña Without tent, the discoverers pernoctaron in a cave once Inca prison. Because of the way of life in the work area, there were outbreaks of smallpox.
Machu Picchu Viviendas o Palacetes de Clanes Machu Picchu was occupied by various clans, each dealing with 6 to 10 houses or palaces.

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