Machu Picchu 1906 Between 1906 and 1911 Hiram Bingham, a professor of history and geography at Harvard and South America in Princeton, starring in our country several trips exploration. His journey culminates in the dense jungles of Cusco nothing less than the discovery of a huge stone city, where he had been driven by locals happily already identified for the story: Melchor Arteaga, Toribio Recharte, Anacleto Alvarez and a certain Sources – the last three farmers in the very ciudadela-, all further antecedidos by Augustine Lizarraga, a nearly anonymous browser that ten years ago, seeking farmland, would have set foot in the city of stone.
Hiram Binghan en rio Apurimac
Machu Picchu Ingenuity Group
Crossing the Apurimac. The balsero cusqueño seems observe with astonishment that Bingham knows use the rowing.
Distant view of what Bingham called Ingenuity Group.

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