cajamarcaCajamarca, capital of the region of the same name, is the largest city in the mountains north of the country. It was the site of origin of culture preinca Cajamarca-whose testimony is the famous stop of Otuzco-and in times of the Inca Empire was a great center administrative and resting place of the sovereign. In 1532 it was decided the fate of the empire, Atahualpa, the Inca when visiting hot spring known today as baths of the Inca. In the Inca Cajamarca was captured and eventually executed by the conquistadors.
In addition to the nearby spa Baths of the Inca, whose waters have wide variety of minerals with healing qualities, the city offers a variety of archaeological monuments as The Fourth of Rescue, where he was Atahualpa prisoner; beautiful colonial architecture, represented at the cathedral and the church of San Francisco, and a rich folklore. Cajamarca is considered the capital of Peru for its colorful carnival comparsas and dance groups during the holidays, which take place between February and March.
cajamarca ruinesMany tourist attractions are just a few minutes by road from the city. To the south (30 minutes) in the picturesque village of Llacanora, can be performed walks Farm Porcon, with programs agrotourism and an interesting tradition.
Northeast of the city (15 minutes) are the Ventanillas of Otuzco, citadel of funeral
Cjamarcas. In the southwest (40 minutes) is the archaeological site of Cumbemayo, home
Chavin. Northeast (45 minutes) are the Ventanillas Combayo, best preserved
That of Otuzco.
The National Park Cutervo can observe flora (orchids and palm trees) and fauna
Endangered (Oilbirds, gallitos of rocks and bears glasses).
2720 m altitude.
Access cajamarca catedral
Air: Flights from Lima newspapers (1 hour).
By land from Trujillo, 295 km (6 pm); from Chiclayo, 265 km (6 hours).
Hotels up to 4 stars in Cajamarca; basic accommodation in other towns. Hostel
And ecological tourism in the peasant community of the Farm Porcon.
Archaeology, eco, adventure, observation of flora and fauna, hot springs and trekking.
Tourist Services
Services restaurant in the city of Cajamarca. Ground transportation, guided tours and
Complete service to visit attractions in the area and nearby places.
Minimum cajamarca cuarto de rescate atahualpa
3 days to visit the city and its environs.
Acclimation necessary. Avoid efforts during the early hours; consume food easily
Digestion and drink coca tea to prevent altitude sickness.
Nearby attractions
Archeological of Cumbemayo, stop of Otuzco, agrotourism in the Farm
Season / Climate.
The best time to visit is from April to October to avoid rain, warm days and nights
Feasts cajamarca san francisco
Carnival Cajamarca (February): This is one of the most important celebrations in the city.
Fiesta de Las Cruces (March / April, movable): In this procession paraded more than half
Hundred crossings highly decorated on the occasion of Palm Sunday.
Feast of St. John the Baptist (June 24): religious, social and exhibitions
Fair FONGAL Cajamarca (July 24 to 31): exhibition and sale of products agricultural and industrial.
Lord of Huamantanga (23 to 25 September): Regional Fair.
Hot potato with fried guinea pig: guinea pig stew cooked in peanut sauce and chili.
Chicharrón with motto: pork cooked in its own fat.
Humitas: sweet corn masa stuffed with cinnamon and raisins.
Caldo verde: potato soup seasoned with herbs in the region.
The Cajamarquinos craftsmen working in many materials such as wool, leather, wood,
Cabuya, clay and stone, which embody creativity with their customs and traditions.
cajamarca panoramic

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