trujillo aipaiecTrujillo, capital of the region of La Libertad, is the third major city in the country. It located on the north coast, 561 km from Lima, on the Moche River Valley, an area in which, between 200 B.C. And 700 A.D. Significant testimony left the Mochica culture and then Chimu. Both cultures are distinguished by their artistic work in ceramics, gold and silver.
8 km south of the city of Trujillo ceremonial centers are located, or huacas known as Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon, belonging to the Mochica culture. The people think who were respectively, an administrative center and a center of worship. The Temple of Sun is a stepped pyramid of 43 metres high. The Temple of the Moon, located just 500 meters from the Temple of the Sun, is composed of overlapping temples built in Mochica different periods of power. Some walls can be seen beautiful polychrome murals, with its sharply defined contours showing you the face of fiero God Aia-Paec. trujillo casona
For his warm and pleasant weather throughout the year has earned the title “Capital of Eternal Spring “. Around the vast Plaza de Armas are kept beautiful temples and colonial houses. It has magnificent beaches as Delicias, Salaverry, Huanchaco and Chicama, where international competitions are held table Hawaii (surfing) and where you can still observe the “horses cattails” or craft built in that material to the ancient tradition.
The dance is typical of the coast and the sea is in Trujillo which carries the most prestigious competitions of this dance which has also been named as the “Capital Sailor of the Peruvian. ” Trujillo is also a major centre of expertise and hatchery peruvian Paso horse.
Altitude trujillo cathedral
A 34 m
Travel information.
For air. Daily flights from Lima to Trujillo (50 minutes).
By land. Buses to the city of Trujillo by Panamerican highway from Lima, 561 km miles (8 hours), from Chiclayo, 210 km (3 hours), from Piura, 410 km (6 hours) and from Tumbes 759 km.
Public transport from Trujillo to Chan Chan and spa Huanchaco, 5 km (15 minutes) and 13 km (25 minutes) respectively. Public transport to the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon, 8 Km (20 minutes). trujillo chan chan
Hotels and hostels to 5-star hotel in Trujillo. In Huanchaco there are hotels and hostels until 3 stars.
Archaeology, bird watching, sport fishing and surfing (Huanchaco and Chicama).
Tourist Services
Restaurants and typical of international cuisine in the city of Trujillo. Transport and service Travel agents. trujillo huanchaco
The recommended 3 days to visit the Historical Center and archaeological sites.
Wear comfortable clothes (poles and shorts), comfortable shoes, hat and sunscreen.
Nearby attractions
Historic Centre of the city of Trujillo: houses and churches. Other archaeological sites: Huaca Dragon, The Witch and so on. Bathing Huanchaco, Puerto Malabrigo and Pacasmayo.
Season / Weathertrujillo ventanas coloniales
You can visit all year round. Itgastrnomia is a temperate region and warm; strong in the heat summer months between December and March.
National Contest Marinera (January / February): opportunity to appreciate the marinera (dance
Typical) in all its splendor.
International Spring Festival (September / October).
Contest National Peruvian Paso Horses (September 29): organized by the breeders and Owners Association of Peruvian Paso horses during the Trujillo Spring Festival.
Carnival Huanchaco (February): originates at the beginning of the century, inspired by the carnival Venetian.
Hawaiian Championship table (March): takes place on the beach and is Chicama tablistas participation of the entire world.
Dry kid with beans: goat stew tender.
Shambar: wheat soup with pork and menestras.
Theologian Soup: chicken broth with bread remojado.
Beans to trujillana: black beans with sesame and chili mirasol.
Pepián puranja: turkey stew with rice and corn.trujillo marinera

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