piura_catacaosOn the coast in the far north of the country, among Tumbes and Piura, Peru has an enormous wealth with white sand beaches and sea añil, over successive bays without bars, tips or islands. They are ideal for sports such as windsurfing, water skiing and hunting underwater, among others. Also, with comfortable and adequate infrastructure hotel.
Among the most visited beaches of Tumbes include: Punta Sal, located 84 km the city of Tumbes and known for its tranquility and warmth of its waters and Zorritos located to 27 km from Lima, with water temperatures averaging 26 ° C.
Piura offers a variety of major beaches, including: Cape White, located 40 km north of Talara and 100 km south of the city of Tumbes. This is a beach 1 km long, straight, sandy shoreline and regulate. It is a paradise for the sportfishing tall, stands where black marlin fishing. Mancora is located 68 km from Talara and has 20 km of sandy shoreline of strong, is one of the most beautiful beaches and crowded coastal Peru.
At sea level.
Travel informationcatedral de catacaos en piura
By air: daily flights from Lima to Piura (1 hour 30 minutes), Lima
Tumbes (1 hour 45 minutes), Trujillo to Lima (40 minutes)
By land: Lima to Piura, 990 km (13 hours); Lima Lima, 1270 km (18 hours); –
Lima to Trujillo, 694 km (10 hours).
Until 3 stars hotels in Piura, Mancora, Tumbes and Punta Sal. There is basic accommodation
In areas near the beach.
Activities atardecer en colan piura
Surfing, fishing, water skiing and scuba diving.
Tourist Services
Services restaurant in the city of Tumbes, Piura and Mancora.
Public transportation in all cities, rental of equipment for sports
Water in some accommodations and specialized companies.
It requires 5 days to go the various beaches. piura ski acuatico
Area many mosquitoes and extreme heat in summer, it is recommended to wear repellent,
Sunscreen and hat.
Nearby attractions
Around the city of Tumbes is possible to visit the National Shrine
Mangroves Tumbes, Amotape Mountains National Park and Reserve Area
Tumbes, offering wildlife protected. They can also visit the mysterious
Mangrove forests of Puerto Pizarro. Amotape, oso hormiguero
Around the city of Piura please visit the spa Colan,
Catacaos town noted for its craftsmanship and work in gold and silver, and the town of
Chulucanas, famous for its ceramics.
Season / Weather
Sun throughout the year; hot days and cool nights.
Anniversary of Mancora (September 11).
Tourist Week Tumbes (last week of June).
Fair regional December 8 (1 to December 15). sajino en amotape, tumbes
Cebiche black shell: shell coming out from the mangroves and prepared with lemon,
Limo onion and pepper.
Chili prawns: scampi sauce breadcrumbs and yellow pepper.
Majarisco: banana sauce with minced seafood.
Cebiche: fillet of fish cut into pieces and cooked with lemon, onion and chili silt.
Chifles: fried banana in flakes.
Craftsmanship. In Piura concentrate various craft traditions. In Catacaos highlights
Goldsmithing and filigree work in gold and silver in Chulucanas, ceramics, in Santo Domingo,
The fabric of straw hats in Huancabamba, floral arrangements with marine debris and
Cyclebag fabric, blankets and ponchos on traditional looms waist; in Tumbes, carving

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